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Fighting a DUI case almost always makes more sense than simply pleading guilty. For example, did you know that…

  • More than 100 interfering substances, medical conditions and equipment malfunctions can cause DUI breathalyzers to generate falsely high readings?
  • DUI blood testing is prone to error. When we re-test clients’ blood samples at independent laboratories, we frequently get different results…and sometimes find that the original sample was contaminated?
  • Police officers are supposed to follow a standardized set of procedures in DUI roadside investigations…and very few of them do?

Our team of  Imperial County DUI attorneys consists of a former drunk driving prosecutor and career DUI defense attorneys. We defend clients throughout the Imperial County, including the EL Centro, Brawley, Calexico, Imperial, and surrounding areas.

We handle cases ranging from simple misdemeanor drunk driving to DUI Causing Injury, California Felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter and gross vehicular manslaughter.

Regardless the type of case,  we visit the location, study the arresting officers’ training and background, reanalyze blood samples, examine the breathalyzers’ maintenance history, subpoena and cross-examine officers at live DMV hearings, and deconstruct the case to find the problems and issues leading to a successful DUI defense.

If you got arrested for DUI, we invite you to join us for a case analysis with a California DUI Lawyer. We want to start by hearing from you everything that happened leading up to, during and after the arrest. We’ll give you our candid opinion as to the likelihood of prevailing in court and at the DMV.

For the rest of this page, we will discuss California DUIs from arrest through court..


Time is of the essence in a DUI case

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Temecula, it is important to hire an experienced DUI attorney as quickly as possible. Besides having only a few days to keep your license from being suspended, it helps for your legal counsel to take charge of the case and be ahead of the prosecutor.

At Childers and Associates, we believe in aggressively representing our clients to protect their interests. We will challenge evidence, question witnesses, review the breath or blood test equipment maintenance records and study the arrest report for errors in police procedure. We will fight for your rights and make the prosecutor prove every point of the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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 About your license

In keeping with California DUI laws, you were probably issued a temporary license when you were arrested for drunk driving in Imperial County. That license expires after thirty days and you will lose all driving privileges. You can petition for a special administrative hearing and attempt to keep your driving privileges, but you must request that hearing within 10 days of your arrest.

Having legal counsel will improve the chances of keeping your license. El Centro, Brawley, Calexico, Heber, Winterhaven, Holtville, and Westmorland, California DUI attorneys at Childers and Associates can petition for a DMV hearing and represent you. Remember you have only ten days from the date of your arrest, so do not delay.

About Childers & Associates

Hiring the right attorney will make a difference in the outcome of your case. Imperial County California DUI Attorneys Childers & Associates practices criminal law, with a focus on drunk driving defense. That experience will help you win your case. Our team of attorneys consist of a former prosecutor and two aggressive DUI defense attorneys in addition to a support staff of seven dedicated legal professionals to provide excellent service and the best possible representation in your case.

El Centro DUI lawyers Childers & Associates offers competitive fees, and he will outline his services before you hire him. Get the help you need and deserve by calling Childers & Associates now at 760-335-6881.

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Our office is located in El Centro, California and we also provide legal representation throughout Imperial County. Therefore, we can provide you with aggressive legal representation if you are looking for a…

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