Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges carry serious consequences and could land you in court. It is important that you prepare to defend yourself immediately if you know you are under investigation for domestic violence charges. The District Attorney (DA) takes domestic violence allegations very seriously. California takes a strong stance on domestic violence and devotes many resources to its prosecution.

Sadly, domestic violence charges are often made by an angry spouse or partner and the facts are frequently exaggerated to the police. Sometimes these allegations are made for ulterior purposes such as gaining an advantage in a family law case.

Once the dust settles, a spouse could regret having called the police and recants previous statements made. Many have the mistaken belief that the victim can drop the case if he or she recants to the District Attorney. This is not the case. The District Attorney can still proceed against you regardless if the victim recants.

Childers & Associates understand that domestic violence allegations require a strong defense. Attorney Ryan Childers was the head Domestic Violence Prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office. Given Ryan Childers experience working at the District Attorney’s office, he understands what strategies and tactics the DA may employ to get a conviction. We recognize the many impacts a domestic violence case can have and we are prepared to defend against the various consequences.

Our defense begins with a thorough investigation including:

  • Witness interviews;
  • Search for exculpatory evidence;
  • Analyze what pre-trial motions are available to dismiss the case;
  • Negotiations with the District Attorney;
  • Finally, if necessary, go to trial.

Domestic violence consequences can include:

  1. Jail time;
  2. Loss of custody of children;
  3. Criminal protective order restraining you from going to your own house;
  4. Large fines;
  5. Immigration consequences for non-citizens including deportation.

California Domestic Violence Laws

California Domestic Violence usually involves the following charges:

  • Domestic Battery Penal Code section 243(e)(1)
  • Corporal Injury on a Spouse Penal Code section 273.5
  • Aggravated Battery Penal Code section 243(d)
  • Criminal Threats Penal Code section 422
  • Disturbing the Peace Penal Code section 415

Criminal Protective Orders in Domestic Violence Cases

A restraining order or protective order is usually issued in a domestic violence case at the arraignment stage. The District Attorney will usually draft the protective order and is personally served in open court.

Qualified Former District Attorney at Your Side

            If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence allegations, call Childers & Associates to assist you during this tough time. You can significantly increase your chances of a favorable outcome if you choose to hire the right counsel. We are prepared to defend and be at your side.

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