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Lucia Zepeda

Legal Assistant

Lucia Zepeda was born in El Centro in 1976 and lived there until age seven when she was moved to Los Angeles for five years. During 7th grade she moved to the Imperial Valley where she continues to reside. Ms. Zepeda attended Heber Junior High School and later graduated from Central Union High School. Ms. Zepeda attended Imperial Valley College and then graduated with a B.S in Criminal Justice degree from San Diego State University with distinctions. Also, graduated from Southern California School of Interpretations receiving a Certificate of Completion of Court Interpreters. During this time Ms. Zepeda was selected with one other student for an internship with the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office.

Ms. Zepeda worked for the Federal State Attorneys Office in San Diego for 7 years becoming well versed in Felonies and Misdemeanors. Her duties consisted of visiting Felony Inmates and office work. Ms. Zepeda is a member of the CJA Panel United States District Court for the Southern District of California as an Interpreter and translator for the past 9 years. She also possess a Bail Solicitor State License and has been a Notary Public for the past 8 years. Currently Ms. Zepeda has joined the Childers & Associates team as an outstanding asset to the civil department dealing with personal injury and bankruptcy.

Ms. Zepeda is a single mother of 4, three boys and a girl. She not only encourages but models the importance of an education and succeeding in their work field through her actions. From the time she became a single parent she has managed to combine her schooling and work with her childrens’ schooling and outdoor activities. She loves her kids to be involved in activities such as sports. Ms. Zepeda developed her responsibility and maturity at a young age, when she had her first child at 14. From there on out she believes that in order to have what she wants in life, she must work for it and doesn’t expect anything from anyone. Her hard work and dedication have molded her into the person she is today.

During her leisure time she loves spending time with her kids and enjoys traveling to learn about new cultures and meet new people. So far she has visited Europe, United Kingdom, Mexico and parts of the United States. To pamper herself she enjoys going out with friends and dancing.