Childers & Associates Attorneys at Law

Imperial Valley’s Full Service Law Firm

Childers & Associates is a full service law firm located in El Centro, California. We practice in all Courts in cases throughout Imperial County, including El Centro, Brawley, Calexico, Imperial, Westmorland, Winterhaven and Calipatria. We represent clients in a variety of areas, such as DUI, Marijuana DUI, and Criminal cases, Family Law and Divorce proceedings, Bankruptcy, Evictions, Wills & Trusts, and Personal Injury. We also represent a number of private businesses and governmental entities.

Tough and Aggressive Local Lawyers

If you are facing legal challenges in Imperial County, then Childers & Associates is uniquely qualified to obtain the best possible results. At Childers and Associates, we believe in aggressively representing our clients to protect their interests. Childers & Associates has been practicing law exclusively in Imperial County for over a decade. During that time Childers & Associates has become one of the area’s most widely known and successful firms. In an area like the Imperial Valley it is important to hire a great law firm who is intimately familiar with the community and the local court system. That local knowledge can make all the difference in your case. Ryan Childers and his team at Childers & Associates can provide you the aggressive legal representation you need while expertly navigating the ins and outs of a small town and its court system.